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I learned from 3,2 million unique candidates, more than 450,000 filtering questions and assessments, in +30,000 positions.

Whether you want to determine the ideal candidate profile, your best assessment choices, or want me to prepare a ready-to-interview shortlist of high quality candidates, I got you covered..

future of recruıtment

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and HR expertise combine to create a hyper-automated hiring journey from the job description to screening, assessment and recruitment.

Remove Non Value-added Tasks from Your Recruitment

Smart Screening

Talent Hunter’s algorithmic models will match candidates to your job description and company culture to help you get top-notch talent fast. No need to waste time collecting applications and manual candidate pre-screening.

no agency costs

No need to work with recruitment agencies. Create professional, customizable job description and skill set and assessment process based on job title you are hiring for in minutes with the help of intuitive free generator and Talent Hunter Bot will match your job post with quality and culture-fit candidates.

no bıas

Avoid bias, hire for diversity. Sourcing and screening with artificial intelligence means no recruiter bias. Candidates go through automated skills assessment using out built-in assessment marketplace. Predict performance to make better hiring decisions.

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