When you choose to employ any Job Seeker introduced to you by TalentHunter.ai, you shall notify us within 15 business days of execution of an employment agreement, engagement or offer letter or notice of terms of employment with respect to the relevant Job Seeker.

With respect to each successfully hired Job Seeker that was introduced to the Employer by TalentHunter.ai, the following fees will apply:

Upfront Success Fees

If a Job Seeker accepts an offer for a job from the Employer within twelve (12) months of the date on which the Job Seeker accepted a request for an interview the Employer shall immediately notify TalentHunter.ai and shall provide us with the signed job offer or the details of the engagement including but not limited to the scope of the role, remuneration and other conditions of employment as soon as possible.

Within 15 days of the Job Seeker’s start date, the Employer shall pay to TalentHunter.ai a fee equal to an agreed upon percentage of the of the Job Seeker’s first-year gross base salary (as outlined in the pricing section located at www.talenthunter.ai/for-companies), excluding benefits. However, no fee shall be due from the Employer if the Employer can prove that within the 3 months before posting the Job Opportunity, it had a continuous direct communication with the Job Seeker within the context of an active on-going recruitment process where no decision had been made to reject the Job Seeker.

Subscription Success Fees

TalentHunter.ai may provide an Employer, in our sole discretion, with the option to pay for a success fee(s) via a subscription. Subscriptions are paid monthly for an agreed upon period of time between 12 and 24 months. Subscription fees are no longer payable should a successfully hired Job Seeker to leave the company during the subscription term. Subscription fees will be due within 15 days of a candidates start date. Pricing for subscription fees will be agreed with the Employer in writing before accepting the employer onto the TalentHunter.ai platform. 


Depending on your location, you might be charged Value-Added Tax (VAT) when you make a successful hire with TalentHunter.AI. Your Company Billing address will be used to determine the correct tax rate. Note that prices shown on our website do not include VAT. Our VAT Registration Number is 306 4298 08. 

1. If you are a customer based in the UK, VAT will be charged at the UK’s rate.

2. If you are a customer based in another EU country, no VAT is due if a valid VAT registration number is provided by you the customer at the time of us raising an invoice for our success fees.

3. If you are customer based outside the EU, VAT is not charged.

Late Payment

If an Employer fails to pay any sums properly due within 30 days of the due date, then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to us, we shall be entitled to (a) terminate or suspend your registration on the Site; and/or (b) claim costs and interest on any overdue sums, accruing from the due date up to the date of actual payment in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interests) Act 1998.

Refund of Upfront Success Fees

An Employer shall notify TalentHunter.ai within 5 days, if within 90 days of the Job Seeker’s start date, (a) the Employer terminates the Job Seeker’s employment based on lawful reasons including unsatisfactory performance; (b) the Job Seeker voluntarily terminates the employment; or (c) the Job Seeker’s employment does not commence. Following receipt of such a notification, we shall refund to the Employer all fees paid in respect of the Job Seeker’s placement.

Refund of Subscription Success Fees

When opting for Subscription Success Fee, should a new hire that was sourced through TalentHunter.ai leave within the agreed upon subscription term, the employer no longer needs to pay any of the remaining due subscription fees. When paying subscription fees annually, any pro-rated refund months due will be refunded accordingly as to the fee schedule. 


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes to any of the Fees and/or begin charging additional fees at any time, either immediately upon posting on the Site or by email delivery to you.