• What kind of roles does TalentHunter.AI help me hire?

    We cover the entire range of SaaS sales roles and we run highly targeted campaigns on a weekly basis to increase the size and scope of our candidate pool. The current mix of candidates is circa 60% Account Executives (AEs) of all seniority levels right up to Account Directors and Global Account Managers. The remaining 40% is made up of Sales Leaders, SDRs, Pre-Sales Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Partner Managers, and Business Development Managers.

  • Am I able to contact a candidate outside of TalentHunter.AI?

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible as all our candidate profiles are anonymous, ensuring time isn't wasted on both sides of our hiring marketplace. If you have specific questions to ask a candidate that aren't covered in their anonymous profiles that we share with you through TalentHunter.AI, just please reach out to us via clients@talenthunter.ai and we will be happy to assist.

  • What is the approval process for companies to join TalentHunter.AI?

    All you need to do is register for a free company account using our friendly AI bot. If we believe your company is a good match for our candidates we will activate your account within 48 hours. We base this decision on the product/technology, job location, career benefits, and other factors.

  • Who organises candidate interviews?

    When an interview request has been accepted by a candidate, the TalentHunter.AI platform creates a live private chat session where you are able to agree upon a date/time for an initial discussion. Once this has been agreed between both parties the platform will send out an email confirmation. 

  • How do we make an offer to a candidate?

    If you would like to make an offer to a candidate introduced to you through TalentHunter.AI simply send us a copy of the offer letter to offers@talenthunter.ai so that we can raise an invoice through Xero for the one-time placement fee.

  • What if we have already interviewed an anonymous candidate we are introduced to through TalentHunter.AI?

    If you and one of our candidates have been involved in an interview process prior to being introduced to the candidate through TalentHunter.AI, the one-time placement fee is waived completely.  Please refer to our full TalentHunter.AI T&Cs for further details.

  • What if a candidate we hire chooses to leave within 90 days?

    If for any reason a new hire doesn’t work out that you hire through TalentHunter.AI, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days. The same applies for those paying monthly, your first 3 months fees will be refunded in full.

  • What is the pricing model for TalentHunter.AI?

    For details about our pricing models please visit www.talenthunter.ai/for-companies

  • When and how do we pay for the one-time placement fees?

    Employers must update the hired Candidates status in the platform within 30 days if a Job Offer is accepted by a candidate who was introduced through TalentHunter.AI. Our one-time placement fees are payable via invoice within 30 days and we use Xero for secure credit card payment processing. We prefer to invoice in GBP however other currencies are possible including USD and Euros.

  • What are the top tips for hiring success with TalentHunter.AI?

    * Don't Wait
    If you see a talent club member that you like, please don't wait and think about it for any longer than a couple of days! Your company won't be the only one who has access to TalentHunter.AI candidates at any given time, so be quick before your competitor makes an interview request.

    * Be Transparent
    Generic interview requests have a much lower chance of being accepted, so try your best to make it personal, talk about why it's a great opportunity for them to consider learning more about your company. What can you offer to move them up in their sales career?

    * Be Persistent
    Please don't feel disappointed if an interview request is initially turned down by a candidate. Our TalentHunter.AI clients typically send 8-10 interview requests before finding the perfect candidate.

  • How is TalentHunter.AI different from Recruitment Agencies?

    Great question! We've written a detailed blog post on this exact topic and you can check that out here on Medium.com. 


  • How does TalentHunter.AI help me?

    TalentHunter.AI enables you to get interview requests from top tech companies who meet your wish list, whilst staying completely anonymous. Think of it as your long term career platform, a place to capture your future career preferences, whilst enabling you to sit back and let tech companies apply to you allowing you. We've written a great blog post on this exact topic here

  • Why should I join if I’m not looking right now?

    Thousands of your sales peers are in the same position, in fact around 80% of the candidates that have joined TalentHunter.AI aren't actively in the market for a new role, but quite often that is when the best opportunities present themselves. Sign up to ensure you never miss out on a game changing career opportunity.

  • How is this anonymous?

    We take anonymity very seriously, so much so in fact that there really would be no way even you would be able to identify your own profile on TalentHunter.AI. We won't share company names or anything that could link your profile back to you - it's our secret sauce. To take a look at what an anonymous profile on TalentHunter.AI looks like click here to view one of our blog posts on Medium.com. 

  • Will my boss/employer find out?

    Absolutely not! Your profile on TalentHunter.AI is completely anonymous until you decide to reveal your full identity and contact details to an employer who requests to interview you. We will never show your profile to your current employer either and it won't show up on the public web.

  • Can I speak with a Talent Advocate?

    Talent Advocates are available to speak to candidates over the phone or via our live chat facility. You can also reach out to your talent advocate at anytime via email at talent@talenthunter.ai with any questions.

  • I declined an inteview request by mistake. Can you reverse this?
    Absolutely, just email us on talent@talenthunter.ai and we will make sure the interview requests is updated so you can accept it.
  • How long will you showcase my profile for?
    Our AI and machine learning algorithms match you with job opportunities where you have a sufficient match score. We will showcase your anonymous profile until you notify us that you no longer wish to receive interview requests at which point you can put your account on hold temporarily.
  • Will I get contacted by recruitment agencies?

    No way! We don't allow any third party recruitment agencies to use TalentHunter.ai - only hiring managers from tech companies can access our platform. 

  • What kind of sales roles do you have on TalentHunter.AI?

    Currently we work with tech companies of all sizes who are looking to hire the following roles: Sales Development Reps, Account Managers, Pre-Sales Engineers, Customer Success Managers, Inside Sales Reps, Enterprise Account Executives, BDMs, Partner Managers, Sales Managers, Directors and VPs. Basically all roles that are related to the sales function in a tech company!